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22LR Rimfire Conversions

Might be seen as something of a gimmick, these 22lr conversion kits for your AR15 in .223/5.56 are serious tools for both cheaper/easier practice and in adapting your serious defensive weapon into the ultra-utilitarian 22lr carbine or tactical pistol.  22 Long Rifle ammo is cheap, light and much quieter than .223/5.56 ammo by far.  A 16in. 5.56 AR-15 carbine with a good CMMG 22lr conversion kit shot outdoors is a lot easier on the ears, especially if you don't have hearing protection when you need it.  Carrying 500 rounds of 5.56 weighs about 15 pounds while a 500rd brick of 22lr only weights 4 pounds.  These 22lr conversion kits double the usefulness of your AR.