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MontanaAR15 AR Parts & Firearms Warranty

MontanaAR15 AR components & AR Rifles/Pistols & assemblies are warrantied against manufacturing defects. The components and parts must be properly maintained and free from abuse and neglect. Using reloads, hand loads or any ammunition that may be over pressure may void the warranty.

MontanaAR15 may repair or replace the defective part(s) at their discretion. The customer is responsible for shipping to MontanaAR15MontanaAR15 will pay for the shipping to return to the customer if the part is found to be defective.

If the component is not found to be defective the customer will have the option to have the component repaired at a nominal cost or returned (at their expense). The component will be test fired (if applicable) and returned in operating condition. Per hour armorer charges plus parts and test fire ammo charges may apply.

When you buy AR-15 parts like barrels and other components that are subject to wear, they may be returned for part replacement.  The customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement part(s).

Some non-MontanaAR15 AR-15 components may be part of the AR-15 assembly and are covered by this warranty.  The entire assembly is covered by this warranty.

All returns must be approved before shipping. Please use the return feature of our web site or email us at sales@montanaar15.com for authorization.

Please review the following troubleshooting guide and include the completed form if your complete upper is being returned.

Gunsmithing/armoring should be done by a qualified and licensed gunsmith.  These skilled and experienced professionals use specialized tools and processes to perform these tasks that are necessary to properly assemble firearms and their components in order to maintain the product's warranty.  Failure to utilize these professionals in the assembly of these parts could void the warranty.

NOTE:  Improper assembly is the predominance of warranty claims.