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About Us

Welcome To MontanaAR15.com!

Surplusammo.com has ended as of March 31st, 2024.  They took their last order as of 3/31/24.

My name is Dylan.  I had been running that website for the past 15 years, from August of 2009 until its end.  I am in discussions with the owners to acquire surplusammo.com.  In the meantime I am running MontanaAR15.com with the same crew and a lot of the same inventory to include SAA Montana manufactured AR-15 parts, bolts & BCG, complete AR15 and AR-9 uppers and lowers, as much ammo as I can get and sell, along with as many mags, other AR parts and accessories as possible.

We moved the entire website/warehouse operation and rebuilt this already back in the summer of 2018 when our old home of Tacoma, WA was about to tax every firearm and round of ammo sold.  That's when we moved to our home here in Victor, Montana.  So I've rebuilt before and I'll build again.

We offer the same business model, same simple way of doing things: we have it, we offer it for sale and if you buy it from us then you will get it.

We still don't back order anything, we sell only what is in stock here in our warehouse.  Our shipping is simply what we pay to get from our sole warehouse here in western Montana to wherever you are and we build all of our AR-15, AR-9, AR-308 uppers, lowers and complete AR's to order, and still all by the same guy that's been building for us for the past decade, my good buddy Dan.

We answer all emails, follow up all calls and we back what we manufacture and build.  There's still just the four of us, Erin with me here in the office and John and Dennis managing the warehouse and shipping.