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Building Your Own AR-15

Building Your Own AR-15?

The AR-15 platform is an exceptionally accurate and reliable auto loading rifle.  This has made it the best-selling American rifle since 2004 and because of its popularity it has also become very affordable.

The beauty of the AR-15 platform is the myriad of options available for building and customizing as well as adapting your AR to your needs.

You can order every individual part and assemble your own AR in any imaginable configuration. Our AR parts for sale are the best you can find for great prices. 

Understand, however, that there are some key components that must be assembled and adjusted properly for the AR to function safely and effectively.

One of these key components is the head space between the bolt face and the barrel chamber. Without the proper gauges, this crucial measurement might be overlooked and could cause malfunctioning.

At MontanaAR15 we provide completely assembled AR uppers at pricing better than most folks can build from scratch, as well as complete AR-15 kits.  Plus, our complete uppers are head spaced and test fired thus alleviating these concerns.  They also come with the exclusive SAA Forever Warranty

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