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9mm- JHP/Defensive


Defensive handgun ammo is usually the long proven Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP).  You get what you pay for with defensive ammo.  Better defensive ammo manufacturers have put decades into their research and development of these better designs that will also benefit from upgrades like nickel-plated casings that ensure better feeding and extraction (still reloadable brass under the nickel).  They'll also have low flash powders to help with low light and retaining night vision.  They will have sealed primers and case mouths along with better crimping the case mouth to save against possible deep seating rounds upon feeding.

Buy standard practice FMJ "Ball" ammo for cheaper per-round practice, but also get some decent JHP defensive ammo for your personal concealed carry.  Break in your carry pistol with enough cheaper FMJ ammo but definitely get enough defensive ammo to shoot some through your chosen carry gun to prove its reliability with the ammo you're going to be depending on.