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FMJ/Ball Ammo


This is where you'll find America's Rifle's Caliber:  The .223 Remington and our U.S. Military's chambering 5.56x45mm NATO.  Best per-round value per trigger pull and best to break in that new weapon in this caliber let alone put more rounds downrange for the price.

This .223 Rem./5.56x45 Ammo Category is for standard FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)/Ball ammo in these calibers.  These are your practice/target/blasting ammunition for your favorite AR-15 from ORW, SAA, Aero Precision, BCM, Daniel Defense, LMT, Colt, Ruger, S&W M&P, CMMG & more or your IWI Galil or Tavor or X95, CZ Bren, AK-101 5.56 cal. variant like the SAM5 or SLR-106 or Zastava, Sig MCX or 556 Carbine, Steyr AUG, Ruger Mini-14, CZ 527, HK-93 or MR556, Kel-Tec, B&T, FN SCAR or M249(!), Springfield Hellion or Saint and many more.

This is all of your standard break-in, range and basic full metal jacket and M855 "Steel Penetrator" ammo to stock up on for just future use, keeping mags loaded(!), preparing for ammo to go up and never come back down...or just for that bad day when you really need it.  This all works in any and every tactical rifle (so they're called) in everything from AR-15 16 inch carbines to 24 inch varmint and bench rifles on back to our favorite PDW's (Personal Defense Weapons) in 10.5 inch, 12 inch even 7.5 inch super-shorty pistols and SBR's (Short Barrel Rifles, NFA things).