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38 Special Ammo


The .38 Smith & Wesson Special (commonly ".38 Special," ".38 Spl," or ".38 Spc," pronounced "thirty-eight special") is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson.  It is most commonly used in revolvers like so many smaller "38 snub's," although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round.
The .38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1990s, and was also a common sidearm cartridge used by soldiers in World War I.  It is by far the most popular and commonly found revolver cartridge to this day with major manufacturers like Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and many more still making arguably a most reliable defensive caliber to this day.  From the Colt Police Positive above to probably the most popular and carried pocket pistol: the S&W J-Frame in 38 Special from the Models 337, 443, 36 and many more, 38 Special is as proven as any other caliber in this role.