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Our "OTHER" mags are the ones we've found that sell great for our little website over the years, or we just love the weapons and need their mags.  Ruger 10/22 22LR and 22WMR mags from classic rotary 10rd mags to the favored 15rd and "banana" 25rd and coupled 25x2 beasts from Ruger.  We'll carry some other "stick" mags for your AR-9 that takes the original "Colt SMG / Uzi" style stick mags (our AR-9 Glock mags are over in the Pistol magazine category from 15's to 33's).

We love PDW's (Personal Defense Weapons) usually pistol caliber (ex. 9mm) to PDW (ex. 5.7) or even "assault" cartridge (ex. 5.56 or 7.62x39) that are a bit larger than handguns but smaller than your average "carbine/rifle."  It's a compromise but very handy, maneuverable weapon with more capability than a pistol but not quite the full ability of a carbine.  For these we'll try to carry mags for the FN P(S)-90, Hk MP5 (SP5, SP5K, SP89, Hk-94 etc.), Uzi Pro, B&T stick (APC, GHM9, TP9, SPC etc.), CZ Scorpion and some KP-9 9mm AK mags if we can.  Can't say what above is our favorites, let's just say we have almost all listed above and we go through S&B 9mm ammo almost as if we get it in by the pallet, or something.