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9x18 Makarov Ammo


The 9×18mm Makarov (designated 9mm Makarov by the C.I.P. and often called 9×18mm PM) is a Soviet / Russian pistol and submachine gun cartridge.  During the latter half of the 20th Century it was a standard military pistol cartridge of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc.

The soviet, Chinese, Bulgarians and East German manufactured actual "Makarov" pistols with The Czechs, Hungarians, Polish and maybe some others manufacturing their own pistols in this excellent blowback caliber to include the CZ-82, PA-63 and the P-64 respectively.  There were some submachineguns manufactured in 9mak to include a machine-pistol called the Stechkin along with semi-AK variant called the Bizon.

Collectors know this as a great small no nonsense sidearm caliber that worked great in old blowback soviet weapons that may not have compared well to the U.S. 1911's .45 ACP or most of the rest of the free world's 9x19 Luger but still did the job.