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10 rounds & Less

10 round or less capacity AR-15 mags for states that require no more than 10 rounds, or for those that want better bench mags or that might travel into such restrictive states and want to bring their same weapons while also complying with local laws.

Most 10 round mags are shorter mag bodies designed to only hold just the 10 rounds with no extra length, while others are the full "30 round" mag body but factory limited to just 10 rounds internally.

The benefit of the full 30rd mag body is they fit most gear's mag pouches better than the small body 10rd mags (that can instead fall deeper into the mag pocket) and they look correct in your weapon and handle correctly as well.

For those in states requiring no more than 10 rounds per mag, 10 rounds in semi-auto is still very capable.  Mag changes can be practiced easily enough and become second nature.  10 rounds of 5.56 or 300AAC will answer most questions.  But nobody needing their firearm ever wished they had less ammo on them so, get more mags.