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9mm- FMJ/Target


9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or commonly known as "Ball" ammo (pretty obvious reason) is best used for practice, range, "trigger time" and just breaking-in your new handgun or PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine).  Cheaper per-round than most any defensive or specialty ammo like JHP's, standard mass produced FMJ ammo is still entirely lethal, but not the best for defensive use.  FMJ ammo has a very rounded ogive design, meaning it has a basic rounded tip for best feeding in auto-loading weapons and also being the simplest, cheapest to mass-manufacture.

9mm will usually range from 115 grain as the most common, usually cheapest and lightest recoil on up to the subsonics like 147 grains and even 158 grains, depending on the manufacturer.  The heavier projectiles will usually a little more felt recoil due to the projectile's increased mass.