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Rimfire differs from the more modern "centerfire" in that rimfire is exactly that, an older cartridge design that functions by a firing pin crushing the outer rim of the bottom of the casing where the priming compound is squeezed between the casing's rim.  When it is crushed, it compresses the priming compound thus igniting it and then the powder within the thin casing.  As such, rimfire is not reloadable and with bulk 22 LR, rimfire can be a bit less reliable than centerfire.  In some manufacturer's bulk bricks of "plinking" 22 LR ammo, you'll often find at least 1 to 3 duds.  This is very common and just expected with the cheapest kind of ammo you can buy (usually).  Modern centerfire priming is much more reliable with confirmed reliability in simple bulk mass produced brass cased pistol ammo having a reliability with only 1 in a quarter millions rounds not firing due to the primer.

Regardless, 22 LR remains the most popular caliber in the world and its fellow rimfire calibers and designs make the best low recoil, funnest trigger time possible.  If you own any gun, you also need a 22 LR.  Pistol or rifle or both, it is the cheapest, most widely available, slightest felt recoil and usually the quietest of any kind of caliber or firearm you'll own.  Want to stock up on 1,000's of rounds?  The 22 LR is the fastest way to get there.